2022 Annual 8-9-10 Progressive No-Tap Rules

General Tournament Rules:
The entry fee is $40; covers prize fund ($20), lineage ($10) and administrative fees ($7) 4/7/11 Strike pot ($3).  300 is the top possible score for any game. 1200 is the top possible score for the tournament. The winner of the tournament will have the highest raw score + handicap (not exceeding 1200). Handicap is 80% of 220 (see the Averages category below for more details). Sidepots are available (see each sidepot category below for more details). Each sidepot is $5; Doubles is $5 per person = $10 per entry. Bowlers will bowl all 4 games on the same pair each shift.

Shift times are Sunday 10 am, 12:30 pm and 3 pm
Saturday squads will be available if you have 16 or more bowlers.  You can enter (or re-enter) the tournament as many times as you want. 1:6 get paid; $1000 for 1st, $500 for 2nd, $360 for 3rd and $58 for 4th-33rd place (based on 200 entries).

Handicap for the 8-9-10 is calculated at 80% of 220. We ALWAYS use current season average . . .  Exceptions based upon tournament directors’ discretion.
1. If your current season average is 10 pins below last season’s average, then you will use last year’s average; that means that if your current average is 9 pins below last season’s average – you are still OK to use the current season average.
2. You have accepted a re-rate at another tournament you are required to report the rerated average at time of registration.
3. You only have a sport or tournament average (we will adjust upward based on the adjustment table provided by the USBC).
All earnings of $600 or more must be declared or you may be disqualified.
We also request that you bring in a copy of your current average from your league so that we have it for our records when we are verifying scores at the end of the tournament.


80% of 220 is base for handicap. Max score of 300 will be enforced on all scores.  Example: Roll a 299 and get 10 pins, your max score is 300 not 309.

300 Pot:
$5 per entry fee returned at 100%. All winners will share the pot per 300 thrown. Example: $100 in pot, only 2 people throw 300 then each receive $50

High Game Pots:

$5 Entry Fee covers both the 1st and 4th game.  Highest scores bowled in each the 1st and 4th game will receive 40% of the pot. 2nd Highest scores will receive 25% of the pot. The remaining amount will be divided by additional cashiers. 1/10 Cashing ratio.


This is INCLUDED in your entry.
There is a Men’s and Women’s division for this sidepot. The 11th frame is the bonus frame after any mark in the 10th frame. These are required to be REAL strikes meaning no tap strikes do not count toward this sidepot.

Women’s Tournament:
Entry fee $5 returned at 100%
The woman with the highest raw score + handicap will take 40% of this sidepot.
The woman with the second highest raw score + handicap will take 25% of this sidepot.
The remaining 35% will be dispersed in a cashing ratio of 1/10.
$9 will go into this pot; $1 administrative fee.
You can double with yourself if you bowl both shifts on the same day.
The top doubles score including handicap (not exceeding 2400) will win this sidepot.
Unlimited doubles entries. Payout 1:6

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